Science Activities

Hi there!  If you are looking for science and nature activities to do with young children, this is the page to start!  This is organized by science topic, but if you want to see what we've done chronologically you can go back to the main page and click on the blog archive on the right side.

I plan activities for my two young girls so if you are to follow them step-by-step they are, in general, aimed at late preschool to early elementary-aged kids.  However, I am a secondary science teacher by training so I have lots (and lots and lots) of ideas about how to extend the activities for older kids.  Some are referred to while I am describing the activity but most are found in the "Extensions" at the end of the post. 

I try very hard to use materials that are commonly found around your home.  I think this is probably a throwback to my early teaching days when I had very, very few lab supplies.  (I became very adept and begging/cajoling supplies from the local businesses - it was amazing how generous they were!)  Science doesn't have to be expensive (especially at the basic level) to be instructional!

Please feel free to modify any of the activities to make them work for you in your home, homeschool or classroom.  And, I love to hear your comments so please let me know how the activity goes and any improvement suggestions you may have for the ones that you try!

Have fun with science!

Biology: the study of living things.
The Pinecone Experiment
Seed Hunt
Seed Dispersal
Skeleton Models
Stick Forts and Brush Piles
Winter Nature Hike

Chemistry: the study of reactions, creations, and binding of matter.
Dissolving Sweethearts
Edible Slime 
Glitter Jars
Grow a Crystal Snowflake
Melting Ice with Salt
Rainbow Milk
Smarties Science

Geology: the study of Earth and its components, e.g. soils, rocks, etc.
Crayon Rocks
Creating a Rock Collection
Weathering and Erosion with Found Rocks

Physics: the study of matter, energy, space and time.
Density Fun
Fabric and Static Electricity

General Skills/Mathematics: Tools of scientists to measure and analyze scientific phenomenon.
M&M Math

Other Sciences To Be Explored:
Astronomy: the study of space.
Meteorology: the study of weather.
Palaeontology: the study of prehistoric life through evidence provided by fossils.